UNISTREAM greeting a new partner in Poland - Walutaexpress

21.08.2015 The Varsovians are now more than welcome to use UNISTREAM International Payment System at the office of its brand-new partner Walutaexpress Sp.z.o.o.

The new UNISTREAM office is located at the following address: ul. Obrzeżna 7A, 00-691, and welcomes its customers to make their payments in the most convenient way by offering the highest quality of the services provided in its turn.

At the moment there are remittances in Euro and US dollars available for the customers in this new location. It’s necessary for a sender to have an ID with him to make a money transfer while having a passport and Transfer control number at a hand would be mandatory to pick up a remittance from the other side.

The fee for a Money transfer not exceeding 100 EUR/USD from Russia to Poland makes 7 EUR/USD, transfers exceeding the amount of 100 EUR/USD will apply 3% off the transfer amount.

In Poland UNISTREAM Partners are Bank Polskiej Spoldzielczosci SA and PayDirect. Total number of locations providing UNISTREAM services in Poland exceeds 10 000 pcs.

«One of UNISTREAM major advantages is a large network across the globe, - comments Kirill Palchun, the CEO of UNISTREAM. – When embarking on a journey to other country whether to travel, to study or to work, our clients are sure that UNISTREAM is always there with them».