Bank's history

A start as part of a structural unit...

It is before the UNISTREAM Bank was created that the UNISTREAM system had come to the market. It happened in 2001 when a new department was set up in Uniastrum Bank and a new system of money transfers came into being which was even innovative in many ways.

What was this innovativeness about? The bank’s experts analyzed the market and concluded that the money transfer service was virtually unaffordable to potential customers because of extremely high pricing. At the same time, more and more people needed a reliable and inexpensive method of sending money to their families. The UNISTREAM system was developed taking into consideration the increasing migration flows and economic growth in general.

The lowest prices were offered to customers - from 1% of the money transfer amount. And the service quality was at a level not lower than more expensive market players could offer.

The demand turned out to be immense, and the number of customers was growing quickly. Turnovers were also going up rapidly: a few years later the annual turnover numbered not in millions but in the billions of dollars.

In 2005-2006, the UNISTREAM system achieved substantial success and was transformed from a structural unit of Uniastrum Bank into a stand-alone business – UNISTREAM Commercial Bank OJSC. One more important reason underlay this step: investors were now able to invest money in such a dynamic economy segment as money transfers directly.

New horizons

Thus a new leaf was turned over in the history of the UNISTREAM system which now became UNISTREAM Bank.

In November 2006, an important step was taken: a 26% interest in the bank was purchased by the British company AuroraRussiaLtd. This deal ensured to the system an inflow of USD 20 mn while a foreign company became a co-investor of the business.

In 2008, UNISTREAM became a leader in the money transfer market in Russia and CIS countries reaching a turnover of Rb 100 bn.

In 2009, UNISTREAM was the first to launch money transfers via the QIWI network of terminals making its services even more accessible to the customers and attractive for the partners.

By 2011, over 1 million customers were given the UNISTREAM Customer Card. The UNISTREAM own network of terminals started operations.

In 2012-2013, UNISTREAM was actively expanding its product line, and new payment products were offered.

UNISTREAM started online operations, and money transfers from MasterCard cards (Сard2Сash) and its own UNISTREAM MONEY E-Wallet were launched.

Jointly with Russian Standard Bank CJSC, UNISTREAM launched a new service, Cash2Card — money transfers linked to the card number using which anyone could deposit cash to his own or anyone else’s bank card in UNISTREAM outlets specifying the card number only.

The already existing services were improving: mobile money transfers went beyond the CIS borders.

The number of holders of UNISTREAM Customer Cards reached 2 million.
Following the 2013 results, the UNISTREAM International Money Transfer System was awarded a prestigious prize established by the International Finance Magazine (IFM) in the “Best Money Transfer System in Eastern Europe” category.

In 2014, the top independent International group of rating agencies Expert RA assigned a very high level of creditworthiness A+ to UNISTREAM CB OJSC.

The US Income Revenue Service confirmed the registration of UNISTREAM CB OJSC and assigned to the bank an international identification number of a foreign financial institution.

UNISTREAM continued to develop new products and expand the geography of money transfers. Thus, in H1 2014, UNISTREAM launched non-address money transfers to China, introduced the replenishment service for cards and deposits of Tinkoff Credit Systems CJSC bank, custody services to individuals.

Today UNISTREAM has an almost 60% market share in some CIS countries and a ramified network of outlets worldwide:

  • Representative offices in Cyprus, United Kingdom and Greece;
  • Service outlets worldwide number 330,000;
  • The number of its international partners is nearing 500.

New banking products naturally complement its conventional money transfer business. UNISTREAM CB OJSC today is a bank with a priority focus on the customers and their needs.

At the same time, UNISTREAM is an active participant of international projects aimed at developing the financial market.

In particular, UNISTREAM CB OJSC is a general sponsor and one of the IAMTN (International Association of Money Transfers Networks) founders. At present, the Association is a reputed international forum rallying the top market players and combating money-laundering.

UNISTREAM is also an organizer of the “Bank of the Future” international conference dedicated to payment services, money transfers and innovations, the participants of which annually examine the experience in development of the state-of-the-art payment services, exchange ideas and search for new business growth opportunities.

Our mission

In our dynamic and constantly changing world, it is long-standing relationships that we appreciate most. That is why we make sure that your care and love remain with your families giving them an opportunity of living better today and of planning their future.

We belong to those who have changed the fundamental figures of the Russian and CIS market making it accessible to ordinary people, who have made them trust in civilized money transfer methods through our hard work.

We believe: small steps gradually lead to big gains.