UNISTREAM introduced the Common-fee Space in all the Baltic States

03.09.2015 As of September, 1st 2015 UNISTREAM initiated the launch of the One and All-in tariff effective throughout all the Baltic States. 

So now the common fee for a money transfer sent from the Russian Federation and CIS countries (except for Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan) makes 1% off the transfer amount for the remittances less than 100 000 RUB 3 000 USD/EUR and the common fee of 990 RUB/35 USD/EUR for all those exceeding the above amounts. The All-in tariff from Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan is now 1,5% off the transfer amount.
It’s quite enough just to specify the country where the money goes to when making a remittance for it to be ready for collection at any UNISTREAM location presented in this country. Cash pickup is available in Euro, US dollars and Russian rubles (in Latvia Pound Sterling is available as well). There are no limitations for the maximum amount of a transfer. 

UNISTREAM services are available throughout all the Baltic States with UNISTREAM Payment system having good partners in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The network there covers over 200 points of service. UNISTREAM thus makes for the maximum accessibility and friendliness of the services provided. 

«The Russian population represented in the Baltic States contributes to a large part of the whole population of this region and so many Russian families have many friends and relatives residing in these countries. For them UNISTREAM Money Transfers is a good and attractive way to support their nearest and dearest – deems Kirill Palchun, the CEO of UNISTREAM. – The system of the so called addressless remittances that we implemented in each of the Region countries has been successfully functioning for several years with the volume of money transfers within those corridors growing firmly and consistently. The common addressless space in the Baltic States proves high technological features of our system and serves to be friendly and easy-in-use for all our customers».