Unistream Money Transfers are available in Serbia

Unistream Money Transfers are available in Serbia 08.10.2018

Unistream money transfer system is already offered in more than 40 countries: in Russia and CIS, Asia, Europe. Every year new countries are connected to the system. Now transfers through Unistream can be sent using different currencies: dollars, euros, rubles and received in Serbia in euros. This country joined the Unistream system through a partnership with TransferNova.

Payment Institution TransferNova is a Serbian company specialized in international money transfers. Its central office is located in Belgrade, but the network of branches covers all the major cities of the country and many small towns. TransferNova has 170 service points in the territory of Serbia, branches of Bank Postanska Stedionica, and in each of them, you can now get a cash transfer sent through Unistream.

As always, profitable tariffs come to the new country along with Unistream: for example, the commission for transfers from Russia to Serbia is from 1.5%. Speed, reliability, choice of currency, receipt of cash transfer - all these advantages of Unistream will be appreciated by new customers.

"Our analysts found that among Russians there is a high interest in transactions to Serbia," emphasizes Unistream chairman Kirill Palchun. - This direction is also enabled in other CIS countries. Actively developing the European vector, we decided to join forces with the Serbian company TransferNova, whose network covers the whole country.

"Our company strives to extend the money transfer system to the whole world, providing customers with the most profitable service," comments from TransferNova, Nemanja Krstic general manager. - Therefore, we are glad to start cooperation with such a large and reliable partner as Unistream. Thanks to our interaction, the residents of Serbia, Russia, and many other countries, will have more options in choosing financial instruments.